Crook County Middle School
100 NE Knowledge Street Prineville, OR 97754
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  • Prineville Crook County Middle School
  • Prineville Crook County Middle School
  • Prineville Crook County Middle School
  • Prineville Crook County Middle School
  • Prineville Crook County Middle School
  • Prineville Crook County Middle School
  • Prineville Crook County Middle School
  • Prineville Crook County Middle School
  • Prineville Crook County Middle School

About Crook County Middle School:

At Crook County Middle School we work together to accomplish high student achievement for all students in a learning environment where the entire school community feels important and valued and is treated with dignity and respect, while constantly striving for improvement.


Staff Directory

Phone: 341-447-6283

Andrews, Jessica Lib Office EXT 319
Bonner, Kimberly Assist. Principal EXT 306
Bristow, Doug Counselor/Dean EXT 309
Brooks, Ernie Physical Education EXT 311
Brouhard, Jenny Educational Assist. EXT 205
Buchanan, Scott 8th Grade/Social Studies EXT 209
Burkhart, Carol Cook EXT 315
Byers, Dustin 7th Grade/Social Studies EXT 214
Carter, Becky 8th Gr. Language Arts EXT 207
Chaney, Ken Band EXT 316
Childress, Jeri Attend./Athletics/Web EXT 301
Coffman, Jeff School Resource Officer EXT 309
Cooley, Krista Secretary/Registrar EXT 300
Crouch, Jim 7th Gr. Math /Social Studies EXT 213
Cumming, Gordon Tech. I. EXT 321
Zeigler, Linda SPED Records EXT 312
Dethman, Debbie Head Cook EXT 315
Dunaway, Tammy Educational Assistant EXT 216
Endicott, Faye Building Engineer EXT 320
Fischer, Matt 8th Gr.Math, Leadership EXT 206
Gaylor, Carla Educational Assistant EXT 222
Gonzalez, Jake Life Skills EXT 222
Havig, Kelly Physical Education EXT 310
Hisaw, Fred 7th Gr. Science EXT 234
Hollis, Laurie Office Manager EXT 303
Jackson, Pam Educational Assistant EXT 222
Joseph, Scott Custodian EXT 320
Katzenberger, Tina 6th Gr. Language Arts EXT 220 Katz Klass
Lampert, DeeAnn 6th Gr. Math EXT 219
Layne, Tawnya 7th Gr. Science/Stream Team EXT 233
Lea, Heidi 6th Gr. Math/Social Studies EXT 230
Leonard, Erin Speech EXT 322
Meadows, Lori 6th Gr. Language Arts/Social Studies EXT 228
Modin. Cally 7th Grade/Language Arts EXT 217
Moorman, Hannah Choir EXT 201 Performing Arts
Moroukian, Steve Learning Center EXT 205 Moroukian’s Mad Skills
O’Gorman, Jennifer 8th Gr. Social Science EXT 210
Parker, Les 6th Gr. Science EXT 231
Pennington, Carol Speech EXT 211
Pepper, Linda 8th Gr. Math/Social Studies EXT 208
Pfau, Tina In School Suspension EXT 201
Rich, Terry School Nurse EXT 305
Rizzardini, Cyndee Library Aide EXT 318
Rosvold, Carrie Speech EXT 312
Shank, Carrie Educational Assistant EXT 222
Shinkle, Mike Shop EXT 224
Simmons, Susan 6th Gr. Social Science EXT 221
Sloper, Kurt Principal EXT 307
Spencer, Dawna ESOL Teacher EXT 225
Stefanek, Adam 7th Gr./Math EXT 212
Stewart, Jennifer Educational Assistant EXT 222
Turrell, Bleu Learning Center EXT 222
Waite, Shawn Learning Center EXT 222
Waite, Troy Reading Specialist EXT 326
Walker, Charlene 8th Gr. Science EXT 235 Walker Science
Wilson, Carla Cook’s Helper EXT 315
Worthington, Debbie Educational Assistant EXT 229
Zielaskowski, Mike 6th Gr. Science EXT 218
Zywicke, Jake 8th Gr.Science EXT 232


At CCMS we take pride in our school and work together to treat our students with dignity and respect while still striving for improvement. This goes for the Cafeteria also.

Our Cafeteria is a Federal and State funded program and there are some rules and guidelines we must follow. There are also CCMS Kitchen policies that our parents should be aware of.

CCMS KITCHEN POLICIES: There are a maximum of three charges allowed per student. On occasion a student might be put on a “No Charging” list. If you feel this is in error, please contact me to work this out. I will be happy to assist you.

If you send your child with cash for lunch money, please be aware that the money doesn’t always make it to the cafeteria. There are juice machines the kids can also spend money on. They can not take money out of their lunch account unless there is a note from parents requesting that it is done.

This spring as of May 31, we can not allow any more charging for the remainder of the school year. This is for all students. This gives the cafeteria time to collect on any unpaid charges before the end of school year.


Debbie Dethman
Head Cook, CCMS
447-6283 x315

Welcome to Crook County Middle School!

We hope that you are excited for new beginnings at CCMS. I would like to first introduce myself as the school’s new principal for the upcoming year. This year marks my 4th at CCMS and 10th in the Crook County School District. I previously served our school as Assistant Principal.This is a position now held by Kimberly Bonner. Mr. Sloper

Another great year is upon us at Crook County Middle School. The staff and students make this an exceptional place to be!! I am looking forward to watching our students excel academically and socially, growing to reach their individual potential. Go Colts! Mrs. Bonner

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